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Bands of Parras

Concert Band

Consists mostly of students who have been playing from 0-1 Year

Symphonic Band

Consists mostly of students who have been playing from 0-2 Years

Wind Ensemble

Consists mostly of students who have been playing from 1-3 Years

Wind Symphony

Consists mostly of students who have been playing from 3-4 Years

Jazz Band

Small group of students who have proven to be outstanding on their instrument.  Consists mostly of 8th graders.


Pep Band

Tutorial class offered only to students enrolled in band.  Any band student may participate.  This group plays fun pop music that is not typically played during regular band classes.  Students receive credit on their practice cards for rehearsing with this group.


Mr. Erskine

Welcome New and Returning Band Students

If you are going to be in one of the Parras Bands for the 2016-2017 school year, please fill out the following form:

Band Events



Bands Involved



State of Education Event

Jazz Band

Parras Jazz Band will perform at Adams Middle School for this district event




Spooktacular Concert

*Backup Date

All Bands

Attendance Required

5pm call time.  Concert 6-7:30pm


Winter Concert

All Bands

Attendance Required

5pm call time.  Concert 6-7:30pm


Festival/ Knott’s Berry Farm

Wind Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Jazz Band

All day event.  More info will be sent home in November


Honor Band Concert

Students Must Audition

(more info in January)


Open House

Pep Band & Jazz Band

Students perform before open house on the upper deck


Spring Concert

All Bands

Attendance Required

5pm call time.  Concert 6-7:30pm


In School Performance

All Bands

All students perform during an in school addembly

Congratulations on being a part of the 2016/17 Parras Band Program!!!

This is going to be another amazing year for Parras Band.  We already have lots of great music picked out, and really fun events planned for the year.  Please take a look at the Parras Band Calendar.  *Please note that the dates are still tentative.  You will receive notice once they are confirmed.  


What you need for band:

1. An instrument.  A list of all the acceptable instruments are listed to the right.  If buying an instrument is too expensive, consider renting from one of the local music shops close by.  Please contact me if you need help finding an instrument.  


2. A Book.  Please make sure you have the appropriate method book for the band you are in.  These books must be ordered as soon as possible so that you don't fall behind.  Books can be purchased from local music shops, or online.


Concert Band & Symphonic Band

Standard of Excellence, Book 1 (the red book) By Bruce Pearson.

Wind Ensemble & Wind Symphony

Standard of Excellence, Book 2 (the blue book) By Bruce Pearson.

Jazz Band

Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble Written by Mike Steinel


Parras Band Rocked at the RUHS Football Game

Jazz Band and Wind Symphony teamed up with Adams Middle School Band and the RUHS Marching to perform at halftime

Great Job Everyone!

Great Job Everyone!

Mr. Erskine's Advisement Class Parents

Please fill out the following online form:

Band Instruments




Bass Clarinet


Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

Bari Sax


French Horn


Baritone (aka Euphonium)


Percussion (percussionists must play mallets, and snare drum)


25% Practice Cards (turned in the 1st Monday of each month)

50% Daily Participation (having instrument, music, and pencil)

25% Attendance at concerts and after school rehearsals


Practice cards are a method for tracking student practice.  They help to keep students organized, manage their time, and hold them accountable for their practice.


Blank practice cards will be given to students, and are also available on the Parras Band website.  Students must log their practice minutes onto a practice card everyday.  This card must be completed, signed by an adult, and submitted to me on the first monday of every month.  


Jazz Band & Wind Symphony and Wind Ensemble students must log a total of 10 hours a month (around 20min/day)

Symphonic Band/ Concert Band students must log a total of 7.5 hours a month 

(around 15min/day)


Students are encouraged to practice everyday rather than cramming once a week. Pep band and after school rehearsals will count towards regular practice time.  Private lessons will count towards double (For example, a 30 minute lesson once a week equals 2 hours a month x2 = 4 hours a month).  Extra credit will be awarded for exceeding the required time.