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Science News

General Science Sites

  • How Stuff Works - Great site! Find out how engines, cell phones, and lots of other stuff works.
  • Science Dictionary - A good site to help you find definitions of science and technology words.
  • Ology- An introduction to many branches of science such as geology, astronomy, genetics, marine biology, and paleontology. Click on the Stuff to Do links to find activities. This site is by the American Museum of Natural History.
  • Biology4Kids - This site has information on plants, animals, cells, and microorganisms.
  • Geography4KIds - Information about the earth - the structure, atmosphere, biosphere, ecosystems and much more.
  • First Gov for Science - Science information from the US government. This site may be helpful in writing reports.
  • The Franklin Institute - Visit Philadelphia's own science museum. Take a tour of their online exhibits, or check out their Hotlists for links to lots of excellent web sites.
  • The Academy of Natural Sciences - An excellent museum here in Philadelphia. Check out the kids section of the web site
  • The Exploratorium - San Francisco's Museum of Science has lots of neat activities.
  • Science Master - This site is a good starting point for reports on science or the place to go if you just want to learn more about science on your own.
  • An Introduction to the Microscope - How to buy a microscope and use it. Also some examples of the things that you will see with your microscope.
  • Facts about Chewing Gum - Lots of information about chewing gum including why bubble gum is pink and how to get gum out of your hair.

Science Fair Sites


Information on Current Space Program and Astronomy Events

The International Space Station

Exploration of the Planets

The Moon

  • Lunar Exploration - Past, current and future missions to explore the moon. From NASA.
  • SMART-1 - European Space Agency lunar mapping satellite.

The Sun

Other Information on Space Exploration

  • Deep Impact - NASA investigation of the structure of a comet.
  • Planet Quest - NASA's search for other planets in other solar systems.
  • How Stuff Works: Space - Lots of information here on space and astronomy.
  • Cape Cosmos - Here you find out about the role that women and African Americans played in the space program, and about the difficulties which they faced in finding equal opportunities. The story is told by astronaut Mae Jemison.
  • Encyclopedia Austronautica - Lots of information about the history of space exploration.




  • Franklin's Forecast - Instructions for making your own weather forecasting tools, links to weather forecast sites, and information on radar, weather events, and weather satellites. From the Franklin Science Institute in Philadelphia.
  • AccuWeather - Five day weather forecasts for 800 cities worldwide plus weather maps for the United States.
  • Weather Wise Kids - this site has weather experiments, a dictionary of weather terms, weather jokes, games and other information. This site has been created by Crystal Wicker, a TV meteorologist.
  • Dan's Wild Weather Page - Explanation of weather by a TV weather man.
  • The Weather Channel - Current weather forecasts.
  • Lightning Safety - Lightning kills! These tips for safety are very important.
  • The Cloud Boutique - Information and pictures of different kinds of clouds.
  • Atmospheric Optics - Rainbows, rays and shadows, and ice halos are all examples of atmospheric optics. This site has explanations of how these things are produced and really nice pictures of them.
  • El Nino Theme Page - Information about El Nino, and current weather observations.
  • FEMA Zine - Hurricanes, tornados, floods and other natural disasters can be frightening for both children and adults. Check out this magazine from the Federal Emergency Management Agency which is in charge of helping people both during and after a natural disaster.
  • National Hurricane Center - Check here for hurricane forecasts.
  • Hurricane Names 2009 - 2014
  • The Tornado Project Online - Lots of information about tornados.
  • Snow Crystals - Photographs of snow crystals, information about how they are formed, and links to other snow web sites.
  • Blizzards - Lots of snow and high winds are a blizzard. This site will tell you more about blizzards and how to survive in one.
  • The Digital Snow Museum - If you like to look at pictures of snow, then visit this site. Some of the pictures are really old.
  • Weather Science Hotlist - Links to many weather web sites. Provided by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia
  • Antarctic Weather Information - Weather reports and photographs from Australian stations in Antarctica


The Environment